I’m Isabella

I’m a Graphic and Web Designer
and Developer

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Social Media

Isabella is a very skilled person, with her hard work she usually develops great web sites with clean and effective code. She always seek to know exactly what she's doing and how is doing it, so she can replicate and measure the results. Besides, she knows how to make a digital marketing service, getting new clients through communications in social media.
Nickolas Joe
Ethos Brasil Coworker
Isabella's ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company. I was impressed with her ability to deal with even the toughest clients – effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among consulting professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Her coding skills are strong as well. Isabella clearly has a passion for coding. She has a voracious appetite to learn more. When she encountered a problem coding a client's website, for example, it would occupy her mind until she found a way to solve it. She is an asset to our team, and handles coding projects efficiently and effectively.
Omrit Sarangi
AlphaSkies Director

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+44 7507 089782
16 Thornaby House, Canrobert Street
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